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CGC VF+: 8.5
SOLD ON:  Friday, 08/28/2020 7:42 PM
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Classic Schomburg airbrush robot cvr! Bondage cvr
D Copy
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crm/ow pgs
Classic Schomburg airbrush robot cvr! Bondage cvr
D Copy
Alright, let's get this out of the way right up front: yes, this robot does look suspiciously like a certain hard-drinking bot from that cartoon show, and, yeah, it's probably no accident. Let's also get this out of the way -- this might be one of the most flat-out awesome science fiction covers ever. It's also notoriously tough to find, especially in nice shape, plus it's by Alex Schomburg, one of the best-loved, most collected, and finest of Golden Age cover artists. And, it's gorgeously airbrushed, with astonishingly bright, vivid colors. Add that all up to one of the most requested comic covers of the Golden Age. On the rare occasion it comes to market, dealers and collectors alike literally salivate over it (we've seen it), no matter what condition it's in. The creme-de-la-cool, the centerpiece of any sci-fi GA comic collection, and probably the best non-superhero comic cover ever, this is a doozy. Did we mention we love this book? We love this book.

Seventy-two years ago, this book rolled off of a printing press somewhere and has basically remained in the same condition through the ages, the beloved Schomburg airbrush cover art glowing like nobody’s business, with nary but the slightest of imperfections to be found. Hailing from the ubiquitous Davis Crippen Pedigree this “D” copy is one of the finest known at grade, the relative scarcity and relationship to modern day pop culture making this Golden Age treasure a consistent wish list book for collectors who never heard of Alex Schomburg, the Golden Age, or maybe even comic books before, just joshing. If you don’t have it, and you want it, go get it!

Overstreet Guide 2019 VF+ (8.5) value = $10,300.

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