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classic cover; origin & 1st app. of Solomon Grundy (feat. in TV's Stargirl)
DC Premiere Collection
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ow pgs
classic cover; origin & 1st app. of Solomon Grundy (feat. in TV's Stargirl)
DC Premiere Collection
One of the most chilling covers of the Golden Age, and one of the most haunting of all villain origin stories. The emergence of Solomon Grundy perfectly captures the dark, macabre twilight feel of some of DC's Golden Age comics. The stories reflected the nervous, emotionally charged atmosphere of wartime America. Grundy is the reanimated corpse of a murder victim who turns to an after-life of crime. His spree leads him on a collision course with the Green Lantern. Eventually beating the brute without his superpowers, Alan Scott throws him in front of a moving train. But, you cannot kill that which is already dead, so Grundy shambled on into comic book lore, gaining a loyal fan base along the way.

This copy of All American #61, hailing from the DC Premiere Collection, is impressive indeed, Hop Harrigan oversees the action from his lofty perch as the Green Lantern and Doiby Dickles stumble upon the unspeakable horror of Solomon Grundy emerging from the muck as he returns from the dead. This early combination of superheroes and horror was inspirational for its time, as genres were generally kept neatly in their own separate boxes, but DC’s penchant for bringing some of the darkness of the pulps into their content helped define the publisher’s output in the Golden Age. The brighter hues really react against the Halloween tones that form the frame for this cover, the powerful impact of this book really shines through on this appealing F/VF copy which promises to be a popular item at auction.

Overstreet Guide 2019 F/VF (7.0 ) value = $9,312.

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