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Mark Bagley - ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #73 Double Page Spread
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COMMENTS: Mark Bagley pencils/Scott Hanna inks; pages 18-19; 2005; 22" x 17"
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Mark Bagley pencils/Scott Hanna inks; pages 18-19; 2005; 22" x 17"

Peter caught in the clutches of The Hobgoblin in this stunning double page splash by Bagley, also there's a Shark . From his and Brian Michael Bendis' epic run on Ultimate Spidey. Pen and ink. Art is in excellent condition. Signed by Bagley on the reverse.

Artists Information

Mark Bagley is an American comics artist. He has worked for Marvel Comics on such titles as The Amazing Spider-Man, Thunderbolts, New Warriors, and Ultimate Spider-Man and for DC Comics on Justice League of America, Batman and Trinity. Bagley won his first job at Marvel by winning the contest in the Marvel Try-Out book in 1983.

Scott Hanna is an inker in the comic book industry. He has worked with DC Comics and Marvel. He started his career as an inker for Eternity Comics. He then worked for DC at Detective Comics for five years, completing storylines like Knightfall; Contagion; Legacy, and Cataclysm. He the worked for Marvel Comics for almost 14 years and inked almost every major character.