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Stephen R. Bissette - SWAMP THING (1986-96) #64 Double Page Spread
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COMMENTS: Stephen Bissette pencils/Alfredo Alcala inks; pages 14-15; 1987; image size 23" x 18"
Alan Moore story!
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Stephen Bissette pencils/Alfredo Alcala inks; pages 14-15; 1987; image size 23" x 18"
Alan Moore story!

This awe-inspiring-double-page spread by Bissette and Alcala, illustrates the astonishing craft, artistry, daring, and beauty of this incredible period from the twilight pages of Alan Moore's groundbreaking tenure on Swamp Thing. Like the art from the entire run, this image manages to be beautiful, terrifying, moving, inspiring, and immersive all at once, capped off with a simply gorgeous profile image of our mossy hero at dead center, framing one of Moore's characteristically psychedelic diversions, transporting us into a universe of majesty, wonder, and dread. Boasting feathery, deft inks from Alfredo Alcala, one of comics' most revered and admired inkers, whose lush style defines and caresses Bissette's brash, energetic compositions, this is one of the late-period masterpieces from an historic series of comics. Art from this run is extremely hard to obtain, with a cult following of collectors happily devouring and hoarding the few pages that creep out into the market. Not only is this therefore a rare treat, but a simply stunning piece, one of the finest examples of Modern Age comic art we've ever seen or offered, which is guaranteed to excite and inspire bidders and art aficionados as its closing date approaches. Pen and ink. Art is in very good condition, there is some yellowing around the caption paste-ups and tape where the two boards are joined in the middle.

Artists Information

Alfredo Alcala was a Filipino comic book artist known for his illustration in "Alcala Komix Magazine" and also his 1963 creation "Voltar", which led him to more international popularity. In 1971 Alcala began to work for both DC and Marvel Comics on horror and fantasy titles. He was one of the artists on the licensed movie tie-in series Planet of the Apes. In the early 1980s he penciled the Star Wars newspaper strip and inked comic books such as Conan the Barbarian over John Buscema's pencils and inked Don Newton's pencil artwork in Batman.

Stephen R. Bissette is an American comic book artist best known for his work with Alan Moore on their groundbreaking run on DC's Swamp Thing. A graduate of the first class at the Joe Kubert School of cartooning Bissette worked on a number of horror comics before landing Swamp Thing. In the years that followed he was an early champion for creators' rights and launched his own Spiderbaby Graphix which published the horror comics anthology Taboo and his own series Tyrant, a comic book biography of a Tyrannosaurus Rex which lasted only four issues. Bissette retired from comics to focus on teaching in 1999.