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DETECTIVE COMICS (1937-2011; 2016-) #29
CGC FN+: 6.5
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SOLD ON:  Wednesday, 12/15/2021 8:51 PM
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COMMENTS: crm/ow pgs; (C) spine split sealed to cvr, cvr, 1st wrap, & cf reinforced
1st app. Dr. Death; 2nd Batman cover
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crm/ow pgs; (C) spine split sealed to cvr, cvr, 1st wrap, & cf reinforced
1st app. Dr. Death; 2nd Batman cover
The looming castle, the night gloom, the dark cape, the evil scientist -- the influence of pre-code horror cinema on Bob Kane's nocturnal creation is nowhere more evident than on this classic and painfully rare cover, one of the pre-Robin Detective issues over which Bat-collectors drool. You haven't really experienced the crude power of these early Bat-books until you've seen them in their original pulpy glory, and this second-ever cover appearance by the Batman packs a powerful punch. The story therein pits the Caped Crusader against Dr. Karl Hellfern, aka Doctor Death, who, like all great villains, intends to take over the world, but first, must rid himself of that meddling Batman, which leads to an action-packed tale of mayhem. It's well documented that once Batman received his own title the stories became a bit tamer than the ones depicted in early Detective Comics. This issue is no exception as Batman takes a bullet to the shoulder in this tale. How's that for gritty?

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It is a well-known fact in the hobby that early Detectives featuring the first appearances of Batman are amongst the hardest comics to find overall, therefore the available copies tend to sell for astronomical amounts despite any flaws that may be present. The scarcity of ground-zero Dark Knight issues causes collectors to take notice every time one of these classics goes up for auction. This conserved copy sits in the upper echelons of the 68 examples listed on the CGC Census, the work performed on this book assures its continued preservation in the forthcoming years, shoring up its structural integrity for future generations. The colors retain their sunny appeal, while the majority of wear remains well away from the iconic central image of the Caped Crusader bursting into action in all his Golden Age glory. This is guaranteed to be a hotly contested lot come auction time.

Overstreet Guide 2021 FN+ (6.5) value = $85,125.

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