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ACTION COMICS (1938-2011) #3
CGC VG: 4.0
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Joe Shuster, Bernard Baily art; 3rd app. of Superman (8/38)
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ow pgs
Joe Shuster, Bernard Baily art; 3rd app. of Superman (8/38)
Leo O'Mealia is remembered chiefly for his baseball cartooning in the 1940s and 1950s; his art hangs in a place of honor in the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. Comic collectors, however, know him for his rousing, cinematic covers on Adventure, Action, and other anthology titles in the pre-Superman period of DC's history. In an age when pulp was king and testosterone-filled exploits were guaranteed newsstand smashes, O'Mealia's punchy style proved perfect for the times. While this might not be his best-known cover, it's one of his most accomplished. The cover to Action #3 is a dazzling and daring work that feels almost like a frame from a film, with rising action caught at just the right moment, and with a startlingly off-center design featuring deliberately skewed composition that grabs the viewer and refuses to let go. One of the last great "pulp" covers before the hero boom, and a justifiably revered image.
Action Comics #3 is a very rare book, like most early Actions, the issue is hard to find at any grade, although the Man of Steel is not shown on the cover, his third-ever appearance is contained within the pages of this classic Golden Age treasure. Retaining the appeal of its sunny yellow background, the book is in very admirable condition given its vintage. There are two holes punched through the comic so it could be placed in a binder, it is otherwise in exemplary condition and has eye appeal way above its given grade. The spine is solid, the color strike is flawless, and the presentation is quite impressive. This is an important and rare book that never fails to incite enthusiastic bidding in our Event Auctions.

Overstreet Guide 2020 VG(4.0) value = $16,760.

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