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MAD (1952-2018) #5
CGC NM+: 9.6
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low distribution; Wood and Davis art
Gaines File Copy
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white pgs
low distribution; Wood and Davis art
Gaines File Copy
Picking up where #4 left off, the savvy think tank over at MAD is employing some GGA on their cover again to help draw attention to their product and move some issues to older readers. The Bill Elder piece on this cover pretty much sums up the kitchen sink approach MAD was using in the early days as they were feeling their way through uncharted territory. Although there had been plenty of humor comics before MAD, they were generally geared towards children, with cutesy anthropomorphic animals, or the likes of Popeye, the Katzenjammer Kids, Blondie, or Mutt & Jeff. Never before had humor been used in comics in this manner, like all the best comedy, it had an edge and took aim at the pop culture at large. MAD was always keenly aware of the world outside, possibly thanks to the publisher being based out of New York City, and its staff having the cynical and hard-edged sense of humor the city tends to bring out of people. Taking on Blackhawk, Mounties, Private Eyes, and more, this is another crucial issue of MAD, to be honest, if you are serious about collecting MAD you should own all of the pre-magazine issues, as they are the foundation of the phenomenon that launched a million laughs.
This Gaines File Copy is one of three second-highest-graded copies on the census, with only one copy above it this is an impressive MAD #5 that should be of great interest to collectors of the most important humor comic ever. Everything collectors expect to see in a high-grade comic is on full display, excellent centering, amazing colors, straight sharp edges, and a stable spine. It is important to note that this particular issue in the run was printed in smaller numbers than others, making it harder to find in high grade.