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Starlin, Jim - STAR*REACH #1 Cover
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COMMENTS: Jim Starlin pencils and inks; cover; 1974; image size 10" x 15"
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Jim Starlin pencils and inks; cover; 1974; image size 10" x 15"

Cosmically beautiful piece by Jim Starlin, originally published as the back cover to Star*Reach #1 and then moved to the front cover from the 2nd printing onward. A classic sci-fi image, including a menacing hovering skull, as only Starlin can produce. Pen and ink. Art is in excellent condition, there is some light age wear.

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Artist Information

After leaving the Navy as a photographer Jim Starlin began his career in comic books where he enjoyed success as both a writer and artist. Starlin credits legendary artists Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko as major influences to his illustration style which is apparent in his early works. For over 40 years hes been known for his space opera-esque stories where he created popular characters such as Thanos, Drax and Gamora. His most notable works include Iron Man Adam Warlock and the Infinity Gauntlet.