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COMMENTS: Alex Ross painted art; variant cover; 2009; +CGC 9.8 copy; image size 11.5" x 11"
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Alex Ross painted art; variant cover; 2009; +CGC 9.8 copy; image size 11.5" x 11"

Ross' striking, visually dynamic variant cover to the debut issue of Ed Brubaker's series returns Steve Rogers to the mantle of Captain America following his apparent death. Beautiful image by Ross of Cap coming out of the light, so to speak. Gouache on 13.75" x 20.5" board. Art is in excellent condition. Signed by Ross.

Includes a CGC 9.8 copy of the comic.

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Artist Information

Alex Ross is an American comic book writer/artist known primarily for his painted interiors, covers, and design work. He first became known with the 1994 miniseries Marvels, on which he collaborated with writer Kurt Busiek for Marvel Comics. He has since done a variety of projects for both Marvel and DC Comics, such as the 1996 miniseries Kingdom Come, which Ross co-wrote. Since then he has done covers and character designs for Busiek's series Astro City, and various projects for Dynamite Entertainment. His feature film work includes concept and narrative art for Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2, and DVD packaging art for the M. Night Shyamalan film Unbreakable. He has done covers for TV Guide, promotional artwork for the Academy Awards, posters and packaging design for video games, and his renditions of superheroes have been merchandised as action figures. Ross' style has been said to exhibit "a Norman-Rockwell-meets-George-Pérez vibe", and has been praised for its realistic, human depictions of classic comic book characters. His rendering style, his attention to detail, and the perceived tendency of his characters to be depicted staring off into the distance in cover images has been satirized in Mad magazine.


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