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Tuska, George - IRON MAN (1968-96) #54 Interior Page
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COMMENTS: George Tuska pencils/Vince Colletta and Bill Everett inks; page 15; 1973; image size 10" x 15"
Iron Man vs. The Sub-Mariner! 1st appearance of Moondragon!
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George Tuska pencils/Vince Colletta and Bill Everett inks; page 15; 1973; image size 10" x 15"
Iron Man vs. The Sub-Mariner! 1st appearance of Moondragon!

Stellar Iron Man vs. Sub-Mariner page by Tuska, with inks by Colletta, the Sub-Mariner face in panel 4 is inked by his creator Bill Everett. This page also features a prominent panel of Madame MacEvil who would later be know as Moondragon! The bottom tier of the page features spectacular fight panels of Iron Man and Subby, beautifully illustrated by Tuska. Pen and ink. Art is in excellent condition, with minor tape residue and staining.

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Artists Information

Bill Everett Comic was an American comic book writer-artist best known for creating Namor the Sub-Mariner as well as co-creating Daredevil with writer Stan Lee for Marvel Comics. Everett fell into comics almost by accident in their very earliest days, creating the character Amazing-Man for Centaur Publications in 1939. Also in 1939 he would contribute the first Sub-Mariner story for Marvel Mystery Comics #1, the very first book from Timely Comics, which would eventually become Marvel Comics, Sub-Mariner would prove to be one of their earliest hits and Everett would continue drawing his adventures until 1949. in the 50s Everett wold continue working for what was now Atlas Comics on numerous titles, occasionally reviving Sub-Mariner. in the 60s with the explosion of the Marvel Age Everett would co-create with Stan Lee and draw the first issue of Daredevil in addition to providing work in Tales to Astonish and Strange Tales. The Sub-Mariner would return again in Tales to Astonish #85 continuing there and then in his own title, with sporadic contributions from Everett. Bill Everett died suddenly at the age of 55 in 1973.

George Tuska used a variety of pen names including Carl Larson, was an American comic book and newspaper comic strip artist best known for his 1940s work on various Captain Marvel titles and the crime fiction series Crime Does Not Pay and for his 1960s work illustrating Iron Man and other Marvel Comics characters. He also drew the DC Comics newspaper comic strip The World's Greatest Superheroes from 1978–1982.

Vince Colletta is an american comic book artist/ art director who's best known for inking Jack Kirby's work during the Silver Age of comic books. Colletta began his career working on a host of 1950's romance and western comics before making the move to Marvel where he would ink some their earliest stories, including The Fantastic Four, Journey Into Mystery/Thor and Daredevil. He would go on to DC where he inked Kirby again on a host of Kirby's Fourth World titles in addition to work on Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and an almost 70 issue run on Wonder Woman.