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Cockrum, Dave - X-MEN (1963-2011) #100 Interior Page
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COMMENTS: Dave Cockrum pencils and inks; page 4; 1976; image size 10" x 15"
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Dave Cockrum pencils and inks; page 4; 1976; image size 10" x 15"

Nightcrawler is ambushed by the X-Sentinel versions of The Beast and Cyclops in this fantastic early Cockrum X-Men action page. Great drawing from the story 'Greater Love Hath No X-Man...' which leads into the introduction of Phoenix. Wonderful example of classic Claremont/Cockrum X-Men. Pen and ink. Art is in excellent condition.

Artist Information

David Emmett Cockrum was an American comics artist known for his co-creation of the new X-Men characters Nightcrawler, Storm, and Colossus as well as the antiheroine Black Cat. Cockrum was a prolific and inventive costume designer who updated the uniforms of the Legion of Super-Heroes. He did the same for the new X-Men and many of their antagonists in the 1970s and early 1980s.


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