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Colan, Gene - TOMB OF DRACULA (1972-79) #33 Splash Page
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COMMENTS: Gene Colan pencils/Tom Palmer inks; page 1; 1975; image size 10" x 15"
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Gene Colan pencils/Tom Palmer inks; page 1; 1975; image size 10" x 15"

Masterful Tomb of Dracula splash by Colan, featuring his exquisite take on horror and the macabre. Pen and ink. Art is in very good condition, the indicia paste-up is missing leaving glue residue, there are also a few text paste-ups missing.

Artists Information

Eugene Jules Colan was an American comic book artist best known for his work for Marvel Comics, where his signature titles include the superhero series Daredevil, the cult-hit satiric series Howard the Duck, and The Tomb of Dracula, considered one of comics' classic horror series. He co-created the Falcon, the first African-American superhero in mainstream comics, Carol Danvers, who would become Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel, and the supernatural vampire hunter Blade.

Tom Palmer is an award winning American artist best known for extensive work for Marvel Comics, including well-remembered runs paired with pencilers Neal Adams on The Avengers and Uncanny X-Men; Gene Colan, on titles such as Doctor Strange, Daredevil and Tomb of Dracula; and John Buscema, on The Avengers. He also inked the entire run of John Byrne’s X-Men: The Hidden Years, and has influenced later generations of inkers like Klaus Janson, Josef Rubinstein and Bob McLeod.