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DAREDEVIL (1964-98) #1
CGC VF: 8.0
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Jack Kirby/Bill Everett cvr; origin & 1st app. of Daredevil (Matt Murdock); 1st app of Karen Page, Foggy Nelson
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Jack Kirby/Bill Everett cvr; origin & 1st app. of Daredevil (Matt Murdock); 1st app of Karen Page, Foggy Nelson
You can tell from the Spider-Man plug on the cover that Marvel had, by the time of this book's release, become known as a hero machine by pumping out high-gloss, high-energy heroes and heroines, which sold like hotcakes. In this case, the House of Ideas picked up a Biro character name, which had been left to linger, dusted it off and added the enticing gimmick of making their Daredevil a blind lawyer, providing both modern intrigue and a great hook. It would take a while for the character to fully hit his stride, but the dynamic Kirby cover and ravishing Everett interiors attracted readers and established Daredevil as a unique and mature alternative to cosmic adventuring and teenage angst.

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Merry Matt Murdock makes a marvelous first appearance here in Daredevil #1. This book earned an 8.0 Universal Grade from CGC, with off-white to white pages. Daredevil’s iconic costume looks amazing here, against the stark background of this VF copy. The right side of the cover features a who's who of the Marvel Age, with Spidey and the FF right above the Daredevil crew of Matt Murdock, Karen Page, and Foggy Nelson. These characters all shine on this beautifully preserved copy boasting a classic Kirby/Everett cover. With Daredevil being the cornerstone of Marvel’s Netflix universe, and rumored to appear in the upcoming “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” ol’ Hornhead is more popular than ever. Collectors and speculators have been flocking to this book more and more every year, and this copy is not to be overlooked.

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Overstreet Guide 2021 VF (8.0) value = $9,700.