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SUPERMAN (1939-86; 2006-11) #1
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COMMENTS: crm/ow pgs; logo & Superman images (fc/bc) from original cover taped to color copy; coverless; tp on cf
Joe Shuster cover & art; origin story; pin-up bc; Comic Book Impact rating of 10 (CBI)
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crm/ow pgs; logo & Superman images (fc/bc) from original cover taped to color copy; coverless; tp on cf
Joe Shuster cover & art; origin story; pin-up bc; Comic Book Impact rating of 10 (CBI)
As one of the top Golden Age keys, Superman #1 features an enduring Man of Steel cover image, plus a legendary origin that remains the definitive telling to most fans. (Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster's updated tale adds four pages deleted from Action Comics #1.) There is also added historical importance with the book offering the first back-cover pin-up in comics history, as well as stories showcasing three of the most important supporting characters in the Superman pantheon: Ma and Pa Kent, along with Lois Lane.

Of course, Superman continues his enduring presence as a pop-culture icon. The Man from Krypton has now spent decades being regularly featured in cartoons, serials, movies, television shows, and extensive merchandising. Today, fans are anxiously awaiting Superman's next role as part of the changing DC Cinematic Universe.

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Here is an incredibly unique copy of the 1st issue of Superman. A great affordable copy that presents well and grants instant bragging rights! The logo and Superman images are from this very copy, but were removed long ago and kept with this handsome coverless key with supple paper. These pieces have been painstakingly affixed to a color copy of this classic cover, creating a remarkable and delightful collectors' treasure that is a terrific showpiece in its own right! As Golden Age keys have been skyrocketing in value, savvy collectors on a budget have been snapping up unusual lower-grade copies such as this, and this bright and attractive example is guaranteed to delight! A great way to join the exclusive club of Superman 1 owners and an interesting conversation piece every time you show it off to fellow collectors. Way better than any other coverless copy as it contains the most important elements from the front cover, the logo and of course, Superman!

One-sided xerox cover highlights the sections that are original. Incredibly detailed work was done to integrate the original logo and Superman images.

Overstreet Guide 2021 GD (2.0) value = $126,500.

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