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SILVER SURFER (1968-70) #1
CGC NM+: 9.6
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COMMENTS: ow/w pages; 2nd highest graded!
origin of the Silver Surfer, origin of the Watchers, Tales of the Watcher begin (8/68)
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ow/w pages; 2nd highest graded!
origin of the Silver Surfer, origin of the Watchers, Tales of the Watcher begin (8/68)
Having started life as a surprise character snuck into an issue of Fantastic Four by Jack Kirby without warning writer Stan Lee, the Silver Surfer quickly attracted the attention of Marvel's mostly high-school to college-age readership in the heady late '60s. The character's cosmic look, tortured back-story, and cool surfboard made him an instant favorite with the black-light poster crowd. Never one to shy away from a hit, Lee soon yanked the character from the pages of the Fantastic Four and into his own supersized title, with art from the frighteningly talented John Buscema, whose unerring sense of anatomy created a surrealistically concrete world around the cosmic being. Hugely popular to this day and likely to factor in upcoming Fantastic Four movie reboots, the Surfer continues to fascinate comic collectors and commands high prices in high grades.
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Spinning out from the pages of Fantastic Four, “The World's Greatest Comic Magazine,” the Silver Surfer would quickly become one of the most beloved superheroes of all time, and an emblem of Marvel Comics for decades to come. This copy earned a stunning 9.6 CGC Universal Grade with off-white to white pages. Only eleven CGC-graded copies exist in a higher condition than this. The black and red cover looks stunning here, hailing the "Big Premiere Issue" and "The Origin of the Silver Surfer!" Possibly the last great new series of Marvel's 1960’s revolution, Silver Surfer would go on to appear in hundreds of comics, and countless cartoons, games, and other media. This copy boasts a lovely Silver Surfer-themed holder, with three classic Surfer images serving as the background for the blue CGC label, adding a unique touch to an already amazing book.

Overstreet Guide 2021 NM- (9.2) value = $4,500.

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