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1st app of Swamp Thing, Alex Olsen; Bernie Wrightson cover/art; COMIC BOOK IMPACT rating of 9 (CBI)
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ow pgs
1st app of Swamp Thing, Alex Olsen; Bernie Wrightson cover/art; COMIC BOOK IMPACT rating of 9 (CBI)
Considered by many to be THE bronze-age DC key, with a classic greytone cover. Swamp Thing hearkens to a literary theme of man's alienation from his roots in the more halcyon days of the 70's. Comic book fans, just barely out of the decade of love and decadence, found in DC Comic's character an earthy message of spiritual meaning in a contemporary world. One of DC's best covers ever by master Bernie Wrightson.

Bernie Wrightson’s contributions to the history of comic art will forever be held in high regard thanks to his macabre, highly stylized approach to his work. One of his greatest legacies is the Swamp Thing, a character who was probably conceived as a one-off for a horror anthology that would surprise everyone with his serious lasting power, and the creature’s first appearance has become one of the top DC Bronze Age comics on the marketplace as a result. This NM copy is in truly incredible condition, the years have done no notable harm to the book and the cover looks just as good as it did when it was first published. Luckily the cancellation of the CW’s Swamp Thing series did not harm the value of this book, in fact, fans are clamoring for more, and prices continue their upward trajectory on this important key.

Overstreet Guide 2021 NM- (9.2) value = $4,500

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