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classic Schomburg WWII giant green headed Hitler bondage cvr
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ow/white pages
classic Schomburg WWII giant green headed Hitler bondage cvr
During the tense uncertain years of the Second World War, Timely Comics saw both big money and patriotic duty in churning out reams of jingoistic propaganda and morale-boosting, Axis-busting stories. These dazzling covers clogged newsstands with an array of Hitler-punching, Hirohito-choking goodness, which sucked up dimes from the pockets of young'uns across the good ol' US of A. Alex Schomburg's dizzyingly daring covers set Timely apart from the gristle served up by their competitors; his obsessively detailed exaggerated poses and faces hit the spot for rough and tumble boys and war-weary soldiers alike. The brutal action and relentless drive of these explosive covers continues to bewitch collectors to this day, especially when paired with classic wartime imagery. Schomburg's obsession with placing his young heroes or their sidekicks, in almost permanent peril from Nazi henchmen or Japanese soldiers meant that his wartime covers were among the most gleefully insane and memorable of his storied career.

From the #1 CGC Registry Set

This 6.0 copy of Marvel Mystery Comics #46 presents some incredibly bright colors despite the nearly 80-year vintage of this bizarre classic. The Schomburg level is set to eleven here, with all forms of demonic chaos filling up every inch of the cover, which is worth the price of admission alone. Nazis, vultures, zombies, skeletons, and even some sort of human meat grinder get in on the action, with a sickly green Hitler overseeing the carnage while Human Torch comes to the rescue. There are only 55 copies of this book on the census, with many copies coming in at a lower grade than this one. This comic is pure candy for Golden Age WWII collectors, and we are confident the extreme fandom for this cover will be revealed once the hammer drops.

Overstreet Guide 2022 FN (6.0) value = $6,000.

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