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Katz, Jack - DANCERS KISSING Painting
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COMMENTS: Jack Katz painting; oil on canvas; 1991; 12" x 24"
Rare painting by the creator of The First Kingdom
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Jack Katz painting; oil on canvas; 1991; 12" x 24"
Rare painting by the creator of The First Kingdom

Jack Katz's career in comics goes all the way back to the early 1940s working with a variety of top publishers and studios. In the early 1970s Katz began work on his groundbreaking comic series 'The First Kingdom', a 24 issue single story, credited by no less than Will Eisner as inspiring the birth of the graphic novel. Periodically during his career Katz would take a break from comics to focus on teaching and painting, most recently during the 1990s and early 2000s, this paining is from that period and shows his mastery of the form. Katz's paintings are alive, the people in them appear to have real human struggle. Katz has only very rarely exhibited these paintings, and even more rarely offered any for sale. The selection we have are being offered directly by Katz's family and the proceeds will go towards taking care of him, who even in his 90s is continuing to work on comic projects. The painting was achieved in oil on stretched canvas and is in excellent condition. Signed and dated by Katz.

Artist Information

American comic book artist whose career began in the Golden Age working with C.C. Beck on Bulletman, continuing with work for Standard, Timely and Fiction House. In the Silver Age he drew stories for Marvel, DC and Warren. The Underground movement led Katz to his his defining work, the 24 issue Science Fiction opus The First Kingdom which earned raves from Will Eisner, Jerry Siegel and comics historian R.C. Harvey, who believes it was the most ambitious comic of it's time.

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