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KISS; Avengers, Fantastic Four app.
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white pages
KISS; Avengers, Fantastic Four app.
The link between comic books and the band KISS is strong, not only was Gene Simmons, bassist and vocalist a huge fan of comics, but the group had a look that translated easily from the stage to the page, acting as a bridge for comic fans to experience the band, and vice versa. Marvel cannily took advantage of many pop culture milestones in the 1970’s, licensing a myriad of TV shows and film properties to varying degrees of success, even toys would become the inspiration for some titles. This was a tried and true method of cross-pollination that had been around since the birth of comics, but rarely did there exist a union of two forms of entertainment more perfectly suited for one another than KISS and comics. Marvel Comics Super Special #1 was the first ever appearance of a rock band as superheroes, the Beatles and the Monkees had their own books, but, c’mon, as great as those bands are, they didn’t have the appeal of KISS’ outsized personalities, their mysterious makeup, and their outrageous costumes, they were tailor made for the comic book milieu, and they would go on to appear in printed form many times in the future. This is the celebrated first-ever appearance of the band in comic books, though they did make a special appearance in Howard The Duck #12 and #13 as a hallucination, the transformed teens battle Mephisto, travel across the universe, become a cause celebre to superheroes across the Big Apple, and eventually battle Dr. Doom to a stalemate. This magazine-sized comic is a well-known entity for collectors of a certain age, and, as the band lumbers on to their “final” tour in 2020/2021, this relic from the ‘70s is still a popular and valuable book, one which every KISS fan worth their salt yearns to own.