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VENUS (1948-52) #19
CGC VF+: 8.5
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SOLD ON:  Friday, 03/17/2023 9:57 PM
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COMMENTS: ow/white pages, 2nd Highest Graded!
classic Everett skull cover; last issue
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ow/white pages, 2nd Highest Graded!
classic Everett skull cover; last issue
"This is one of the top 10 Pre-Code Horror Covers ever drawn!" according to ComicConnect President Vincent Zurzolo. It's pretty easy to see why this is one of the most revered covers of the pre-code era when horror was one of the top genres in the comic book industry following the end of WWII and the subsequent demand for something besides superhero comics. Bill Everett’s disturbing cover design is hard to forget once you've seen it, it certainly leaves an impression. Everett not only designed this classic cover, but he also illustrated and wrote almost all of the content of this comic, with some editorial assistance from Stan Lee. This is one of those comics that PCH fans duke it out over each time a copy comes up for auction, which is not very frequently, which makes it a real event when a Venus #19 turns up for sale. “The Kiss of Death!” is, without question, one of the all-time classic horror covers in the history of comics.

The colors on this book are extraordinary! It looks like it was printed yesterday. This is the standalone second-highest graded copy of Venus #19, with only one 9.0 example ranking higher. With a meager 62 copies on the census, you can be assured this is one rare book indeed. This copy presents sturdy construction, a solid spine, and of course, that haunting cover image that is like candy to horror comic collectors. There is guaranteed to be a battle royale over ownership of this iconic comic once the auction kicks off.

Overstreet Guide 2022 VF+ (8.5) value = $10,700.

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Artist Information

Bill Everett was an American comic book writer-artist best known for creating Namor the Sub-Mariner, as well as co-creating Daredevil with writer Stan Lee for Marvel Comics. Everett fell into comics almost by accident in the industry's earliest days, creating the character Amazing-Man for Centaur Publications in 1939. That same year saw Everett contributing the first Sub-Mariner story for Marvel Mystery Comics #1, the very first book from Timely Comics (which would eventually become Marvel Comics). Sub-Mariner would prove to be one of Timely's earliest hits, and Everett would continue drawing Namor's adventures until 1949. In the '50s, Everett would continue working for what was now Atlas Comics on numerous titles, occasionally reviving Sub-Mariner. With the explosion of the Marvel Age in the '60s, Everett joined Stan Lee in co-creating and drawing the first issue of Daredevil. He also found regular work contributing to Tales to Astonish and Strange Tales. The Sub-Mariner would return again in Tales to Astonish #85, continuing there (and then in his own title) with sporadic contributions from Everett. Bill Everett died suddenly at the age of 55 in 1973.

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