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CGC NM/M: 9.8
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PUBLISHER: Continental
COMMENTS: white pages
classic L.B. Cole devil cvr
Promise Collection
Highest Graded
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white pages
classic L.B. Cole devil cvr
Promise Collection
Highest Graded
The main attraction of this comic is, without question, the incredible L.B. Cole cover design, featuring the Devil himself smothering a group of gangsters with piles of money. This cover alone is worth the price of admission, but the stories inside have a few surprises that distinguish this comic from the glut of anthology books choking the marketplace in the Golden Age. One interesting aspect is the character Dove from the Grey Mask feature, a black sidekick in a mystery tale that is treated with respect, looks like a regular human being and speaks in a normal manner, which sounds terrible today, but was an exception at the time. There is also the cover tie-in story, which portrays Satan as a sort of magical superhero, who ends up doing a good deed, which flies in the face of all things associated with his name. There is also a comedic detective story with a female protagonist, Sherry Flippe. Each story is this book was penned by the prolific Jack Crooks, and some GA artists of note like Rudy Palais and George H. Appel also make contributions to fill out this sumptuously wrapped treat.