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MAD (1952-2018) #4
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Kurtzman cover; Superduperman by Wally Wood (4-5/53)
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crm/ow pages
Kurtzman cover; Superduperman by Wally Wood (4-5/53)
MAD has been parodying pop cultural icons for decades, from their humble beginnings poking fun at comics, movies, and TV, to the more recent trends in social media and video games. Up until the invention of one Alfred E. Neuman in issue #21, the periodical was lacking an iconic figurehead, so each issue was an entity unto itself, like MAD #4, whose targets include Superman, Robin Hood, and romance comics. While MAD would go on to spawn dozens of copycat magazines, none would ever rise to the level of quality or prominence of the original. There is one point of note concerning this somewhat bawdy cover by Kurtzman, the little fellow on the left bears a striking resemblance to the Nebbish, who would become the cover star of Marvel’s MAD rip-off, Crazy, which would have it’s day in the sun in the 70s and 80s alongside the other also-ran, Cracked, creating the trifecta of comedy mags from which Gen Xers would learn so much of their studied detachment and sarcasm.