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TALES OF SUSPENSE (1959-68) #39
CGC VF: 8.0
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Origin & 1st app of Iron Man (Tony Stark); Jack Kirby cover; Steve Ditko art; COMIC BOOK IMPACT rating of 10 (CBI)
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ow/white pages
Origin & 1st app of Iron Man (Tony Stark); Jack Kirby cover; Steve Ditko art; COMIC BOOK IMPACT rating of 10 (CBI)

Tony Stark makes his first appearance in this classic collectible from 1963, in which the playboy munitions tycoon is wounded and taken captive while helping the U.S. government fight the Vietcong—before escaping by constructing an armored battle suit. (The magnetized arc reactor also slows the approach of some shrapnel inching toward Stark's heart.) After decades of being a Marvel mainstay, Iron Man would ultimately be chosen to launch Marvel Studios in 2008. Robert Downey Jr.'s popular portrayal would ultimately keep the character grounding the massive success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This renewed fanbase has ensured that these early appearances remain top collectibles as fans speculate on Iron Man's return to the MCU.

Long considered one of the toughest Marvel first appearances to track down, this copy should be just the thing for key fans looking to complete their runs of first appearances, it is an essential book for anyone serious about Marvel collecting in general. With its sharp, clean cover, bright reds, rich grays, and rock-solid construction, you would be hard-pressed to find a nicer copy at grade. With the value of this key going up and up, there is no copy of this book that is not a recommended investment. While Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark will not be returning to the MCU, it is pretty apparent that all forms of Stark tech will remain in the franchise, and that always leaves the door open for a new Iron Man to appear and drive the value of this comic up once again.

Overstreet Guide 2022 VF (8.0) value = $22,400.

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