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Event Auction Highlight: Mile High Wings Comics


Comic collectors who are in the know perk up any time the name Edgar Church is mentioned, that is because educated investment comic buyers are aware that the greatest pedigree in the hobby is the Mile High Pedigree. Discovered in Colorado in 1977 by Chuck Rozanski, a basement full of comics was gathered together by commercial artist Edgar Church, who claimed to keep the books as research for his work, while indulging his love for comics he ended up accumulating the greatest collection of Golden Age issues ever found in one place. Not only did he preserve the condition of most of the comics admirably, he also collected continuous runs of titles, many of which have been forgotten over the years thanks to low print numbers and WWII paper drives. These beautiful books have been circulating amongst the comic community for decades, consistently going up in value. Any collector worth their salt would love to have even one Mile High book in their library, and ComicConnect is pleased to be able to offer an impressive cross-section of Edgar Church books in our first Event Auction of the year.

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Check out this beautiful set of Wings Comics from the Edgar Church Collection: Wings Comics #4 CGC 9.4, Wings Comics #5 CGC 9.6, Wings Comics #7 CGC 9.2, Wings Comics #12 CGC 9.6, Wings Comics #15 CGC 9.4, Wings Comics #22 CGC 9.0, Wings Comics #27 CGC 9.4, and Wings Comics #42 CGC 9.6, all of these copies are in stunning condition and are all QES certified.

Other amazing Mile High Pedigree copies in this auction include: All Flash Quarterly #17 CGC 9.0, Captain Midnight #8 CGC 9.2, Detective Eye #1 CGC 9.2, Holyoke One-Shot #6 CGC 7.0, King Comics #69 CGC 7.0, Magic Comics #65 CGC 9.4, Planet Comics #47 CGC 9.4, Police Comics #3 CGC 9.4, Police Comics #10 CGC 9.4, Romantic Secrets #25 CGC 8.0, Shadow Comics #11 CBCS 9.2, Star Spangled Comics #39 CGC 9.2, and The Unknown Man CGC 7.5.

Bidding has been underway for some time, so get in the game and take a whack at owning these incredible classic books. There is no greater feeling in the hobby than showing off your precious Mile High pedigree copies, so bid today!

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Bid now!  Auction ends week of May 18th to May 22nd!

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