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Thanks to the MCU and DCEU, comic collecting has grown beyond the scope anyone could have imagined before the blockbuster, groundbreaking film “Iron Man.” Shell Head ushered in the cinematic juggernaut that would become the Avengers franchise while values of movie-related key comics exploded. The Superhero genre is one of the hottest tickets in the collectibles world today. We are extremely excited to have acquired some incredible props from the Avengers film series for your bidding pleasure. 

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For fans of Captain America, behold the awesome array of Cap props up for grabs. From the battle-distressed helmet, leather gauntlet gloves, patriotic shirt, and screen-matched USO Heater Shield from “Captain America: The First Avenger” to the utility belt from “The Avengers,” we’ve got all your Steve Rogers paraphernalia covered. We also have some amazing finds hailing from the silver screen adventures of the Mighty Thor. The pieces cover the range of the Asgardian’s trilogy of movies to date, the original “Thor” is represented by Sif’s shield, while “Thor: Ragnarok” brings us the Grandmaster’s orgy ship dash panel, and last, but not least, the mother of all Thor props, a Mjolnir hammer from “Thor: The Dark World” to round out this superb set of superhero showpieces. They will all be up for auction and we expect the competition to be fierce.


Along with the impressive collection of props we have already presented, we were able to acquire these additional treasures of comic book cinema. First, there’s Will Smith’s Deadshot wrist gun gauntlet from “Suicide Squad,” Robert Downey Jr.’s "Tony Stark" hero 'Mark IV' Arc Reactor chest piece from "Iron Man 2", and the incredibly cool pair of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine claws from 2000’s “X-Men.” We are psyched to not only check out these collectible curios personally, but we can’t wait till hammer time so we can send these beauties off to their new home or museum.



Forged by the gods, Wonder Woman’s instantly recognizable golden lasso is indestructible and compels anyone in its grasp to tell the absolute truth. Constructed of durable golden-braided fibers, its bright glow is achieved with post-production CGI. This screen-used prop is in excellent condition although it does some exhibit some mild production wear and handling. Wielded by the beautiful and talented Gal Gadot during her appearance in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” this is not only a treasured collectible from movie history, it is also a wonderful keepsake for any fan of Wonder Woman’s revolutionary comic book legacy. With “Wonder Woman 1984” and the Zack Snyder Cut of “Justice League” poised to showcase the Amazonian Princess to adoring fans across the planet once again, there is no better time to invest in Wonder Woman investment collectibles.




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