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Thank you for making our last auction such a success. Also, we appreciate all the well wishes as NYC was on lockdown for so long.

Last auction we debuted Video Games and this auction we have more, as well as several brand new categories to go along with our selection of vintage comics and original art. Movie props, including Wonder Woman’s lasso, Thor’s hammer, Cap’s shield, and Wolverine’s claws will be up for auction! We will have an exciting array of CGC-graded Concert Posters from Rock to Rap, plus an awesome selection of Pulps with bondage covers galore are up for grabs. We also have the very special - New York Times Lincoln Assassination Newspaper Issue! Feature comics are the highest-graded copies of All Star #8 and Sensation Comics #1, Wonder Woman’s 1st and 2nd appearances, both sure to set new records at hammer time.

Golden Age Can’t Miss ComicsAction Comics #23 CGC 5.5All American Comics #61 CGC 7.0, All Star Comics #8 CGC 9.4Detective Comics #29 CGC 1.5, Detective Comics #168 CGC 5.0Flash Comics #86 CGC 7.0More Fun Comics #73 CGC 5.5Sensation Comics #1 CGC 9.6Startling Comics #49 CGC 8.5, Superman #1 CBCS 1.5Superman #3 CGC 8.5Wonder Woman #6 CGC 9.4, and Wonderworld #3 CGC 9.4.

Most Wanted SilverAmazing Fantasy 15 CGC 4.0Amazing Spider-Man #1 CGC 7.5Fantastic Four #5 CGC 9.4Journey into Mystery #83 CGC 9.0, and Tales of Suspense #39 CBCS 9.2.

Original Comic Art: John Byrne pages from X-Men #125137, and #138 all signed by Byrne and Stan Lee; two first appearances, an Avengers #10 page by Don Heck presenting Immortus, and a Daredevil #4 page by Orlando and Colletta, featuring the Purple Man; Also many other artists are featured in this auction including Jack KirbySteve BissetteJoe QuesadaMichael ZulliHerb TrimpeGeorge Perez, and more!

Screen Used Movie Props: Captain America: The First Avenger Cap’s Combat Helmet and, USO ShieldMjolnir from Thor: The Dark World, Wonder Woman’s Lasso from Batman V Superman and Wolverine’s Claws from the X-Men movie.

Press Start – Video Games: Donkey Kong (NES) WATA 7.0Double Dragon (NES) WATA 3.0Frogger (2600) WATA 9.2, and Spider-Man (2600) WATA 9.8.

“Don’t miss the DC Premiere Collection,” Zurzolo added. “A carefully curated collection of firsts and first appearances.” 

Good luck with the auction. Stay safe and healthy. Keep Calm and Comic On.


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