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ComicConnect proudly announces Event Auction 58, launching with amazing new finds from across the Comic Ages in the wake of a record-breaking EA57! “Our first Event Auction of 2024 has shown consignors why we remain the world’s premier auction house for vintage comic books and original art,” said ComicConnect President Vincent Zurzolo. “Now we’re excited to work with top collectors once again in presenting an amazing selection of comics, art, and memorabilia to Event Auction 58.”


ComicConnect continues to bring in exciting new lots for Event Auction 58, which includes fabulous new finds for collectors of foreign comics — featuring fantastic new views on all kinds of classics! 

EA58 already has an Action Comics #1, but fans can also revisit Superman’s first appearance in Norway’s Superserien #9. More foreign visitations of classic firsts include Italy moving the debut of Batgirl into Batman #2. India’s series of Marvel Tales reprints provides a new look at Spider-Man swinging in from Amazing Fantasy #15. Over in the UK, Iron Man was introduced into the Marvel Universe in a revamped classic cover for Sinister Tales #23, while Germany got their first look at the Silver Surfer and Galactus with a foreign edition of Fantastic Four #48. 

EA58 also includes Germany’s take on a Bronze Age classic, with The Punisher taking center stage in Amazing Spider-Man #129. In another big Bronze event, the UK got Wolverine’s first brawl with the Hulk in Mighty World of Marvel #1. There’s dueling foreign firsts for the Ghost Rider, with the 1960s incarnation in Brazil’s O Pistoleiro Fantasma #1, and Marvel’s Bronze Age biker riding out in Italy’s L'Incredibile Devil #113. You’ll also find Italy going where no Italian had gone before with their take on Gold Key’s Star Trek #1!


The selection of outstanding Original Art pieces includes an incredible spread of Adam Kubert’s pencils for Wolverine #88, with the beloved mutant slashing after Deadpool (with Mark Farmer inks). Collectors will be following John Romita Sr.’s signed cover for Nightshade’s memorable debut in Captain America #164, plus Frank Miller and Al Milgrom’s brutal battle cover for Morpheus’ first appearance in Moon Knight #12Our Frank Frazetta selection—already with a stunning page from Thun’da, King of the Congo #1—features more gorgeous early sketches from the Master, including the start of his Ace paperback cover for Edgar Rice Burroughs’ The Land of Hidden Men


Event Auction 58 will continue through June,with sessions closing from June 24-28. Among other outstanding items, EA58 is showcasing the first and only CGC-graded 9.9 Giant-Size X-Men #1 (1 of 1) white pages, matched by an immaculate cover and beautiful square-bond spine. There's also an Action Comics #1, a rare investment-level Superman #1 (revealing how the classic cover looks sensational at any grade), and the ultra-scarce introduction of Wonder Woman in All Star Comics #8 at a striking 5.5. 

ComicConnect is always looking to future events, offering interest-free cash advances when sellers auction third party-certified comics, original comic art, and more. Sellers can reach out to the ComicConnect staff through—and calls for comics and original art are always welcome at 212-260-4147 or (888) 779-7377!



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ComicConnect: Mega Monthly 

Now accepting consignments. Email your list of consignments to or call toll-free 888-779-7377.

ComicConnect is proud to launch the first preview for our upcoming July 2024 Mega Monthly Auction — presenting rare finds and key collectibles from across the Comic Ages!

Golden Age classics include scarce gems such as a 9.0 Western Love #2, a 6.5 Star Spangled Comics #52, and 1948’s classic Frankenstein #11 (with the Boris Karloff parody cover) at 5.5. Fans of the Silver Age will be following Neal Adams’ acclaimed Batcave blueprint as the cover of Batman #203. There’s also Guy Gardner’s first appearance in Green Lantern #59 and The Enforcers’ first story in Amazing Spider-Man #10, both at an exceptional 6.5.


Sabretooth’s vicious debut in a 7.5 Iron Fist #14 is amongst the Bronze Age beauties. Bernie Wrightson is represented by Swamp Thing #1 and his wild werewolf cover for House of Mystery #231 at, respectively, 9.0 and 9.4. The Mega Monthly Auction also offers important investment opportunities from the Modern Age, including Miles Morales’ introduction in Ultimate Fallout #4 at a striking 9.2, along with Venom's first appearance in a sharp 9.4 Amazing Spider-Man #300. 

Sessions for the July Mega Monthly Auction begin closing from August 12-14 — as ComicConnect comes off a record $1,825,088 sale for Detective Comics #27. ComicConnect will be continuing to take consignments for the July Mega Monthly Auction through July 8th. Consignors can reach out to; calls are always welcome at 212-260-4147 or (888) 779-7377.

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