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Our second Event Auction of the year is headlined by Golden Age greats like Batman #1, Superman #1, and Sub-Mariner Comics #1, high-grade Silver Age comics, Journey into Mystery #83 9.4, Iron Man #1 9.9, and Incredible Hulk #1 8.0, and an exquisite Wally Wood page from Weird Science #21. After every auction ends, we start fresh, working toward our next Event, we never know what will make it special, but it always seems to work out…and this auction is no exception. 


Golden Age highlights include copies of All Star Comics #8, a complete run of Daring Mystery Comics, Detective Comics #168, and Suspense Comics #11 9.8.


 Silver, Bronze, and Modern collectors can go after varying copies of Amazing Fantasy #15, Amazing Spider-Man #1, Fantastic Four #1, Incredible Hulk #1, Iron Man #1, Journey into Mystery #83, New Mutants #98 including a 9.9, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1, and a Stan Lee Signature Series Variant Cover of Ultimate Fallout #4 9.8, starring Miles Morales in his first appearance.


 “The original art section is comprised of a gorgeous Conan #12 cover by Gil Kane, an incredible cover to Captain America #3 by the great Steve Epting, a Buscema splash featuring Galactus from Silver Surfer: Judgment Day, an interior page from Watchmen by Dave Gibbons, a splashtastic Kirby Mister Miracle page, McFarlane on Amazing Spider-Man #325 starring Spidey and the Red Skull, and a rootin’ tootin’ Western cover for Gunfighter #14 by Johnny Craig!” Zurzolo gushed.


Collectors will also find pulps, certified VHS tapes highlighted by “Back to the Future” IGS 8 and “Teen Wolf” IGS 9.5, plus videogames, and memorabilia.

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