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Grade: CGC NM: 9.4
Publisher: Timely
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Thursday 12/13/2018
Comments: ow/white pgs; Highest graded 1 of 2!
Schomburg flag cover
Highest Graded
CGC NM: 9.4
Another stunning and bombastic cover from arguably the greatest and most influential artist of the Golden Age, Alex Schomburg, this is simply another entry into the incredible run of memorable, chaotic wartime covers conceived by the ever-entertaining illustrator. It's a thrill to gander at the Human Torch and Toro taking the fight to the Axis powers alongside the Allied forces. The patriotic imagery and the tons of fun contained in this anthology is sure to bring a smile to even the most jaded of collectors.

The Human Torch, Namor and Angel stories in this book are all enjoyable donnybrooks, and it bears mentioning that this issue also contains the last appearance of the Golden Age iteration of the Vision, an interdimensional law officer who travels from the Smokeworld to mete out justice after being unintentionally summoned to Earth. The character would have to wait for a quarter of a century to be reinvented and inserted into Marvel's Silver Age hero team, the Avengers. This seemingly small footnote is one of the many elements that coalesce to make this comic a real under-the-radar classic.

This highest-graded copy on the census is spinner rack fresh, boasting radiant colors and less visible wear than a comic that rolled off the presses last week. Keep your eye on this special book.

Overstreet Guide 2018 NM- (9.2) value = $6,600.