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Event AuctionNEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERBOY Issue #41 Cover
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Grade: VF: 8.0
Publisher: DC
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End Time: 11:32 PM EDT
Monday 8/27/2018
Comments: Gil Kane pencils and inks; Howard Bender pencils; slight restoration
VF: 8.0
The story of New Adventures of Superboy #41 concerns young Clark Kent being convinced he is tuning into a robot by an alien virus, it turns out to be a ruse employed by the aliens in an attempt to enlist Kal-El in their intergalactic conflict. He soon learns the truth and turns the tables on the evil extra-terrestrials and quickly gets back to his life on Earth and his teenage romantic troubles. The superb Gil Kane cover art for this issue does what any good comic cover is meant to do, create interest about the tale within, while simultanoeusly hinting at the story arc, which is achieved with great success by Kane, whose memorable style and perfect layouts helped make him a big name in the industry for many years.
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