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CGC PR: 0.5
off white pgs; cvr dtchd
Kirby cvr/art; origin and 1st app. X-Men; 1st app. Magneto
Stan Lee once explained that his original title for this comic was "The Mutants" but publisher Martin Goodman didn't like the sound of it. Lee, in a stroke of genius, named the newly formed group after its founder, Professor X, and thus was born the X-Men. A band of outcasts hated and feared by the human world. The title was almost canceled due to poor sales but was reborn with a new cast of characters in the 70s which went on to make them a perennial favorite ever since. Everybody can relate to what it is like being an outsider, and that is what draws us to the X-Men. With a staggering number of comic spinoffs, blockbuster movies, and a variety of TV shows and cartoons, the popularity of this first issue has proven to be a strong investment with values continually rising.
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1 Event Auction Items Found for "x-men-1963"
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