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Event Auction Highlight: Original Comic Art

ComicConnect is once again proud to bring an incredible selection of original comic art to auction. To begin with, we’ve got an impressive collection of covers, including Amazing Spider-Man #183 by Ross Andru, Black Panther #8 by Jack Kirby, Marvel Age #92, featuring Iron Man, by John Romita Jr. with inks by John Byrne! There’s also covers by Herb Trimpe from G.I. Joe #119 featuring Snake Eyes, Mike Allred’s variant cover to Astonishing Ant-Man #1, and Mark Buckingham’s cover to Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #64. From the Golden Age, Jim McLaughlin’s cover to Baffling Mysteries #13, the beautiful painted cover to the 1998 Heavy Metal Sci-Fi Special by Sanjulian, and last, but not least there’s the historic cover by Tony Daniel from DC’s New 52 relaunch of Detective Comics #1! This represents the first time Batman graced the cover of a Detective #1.


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“It’s a thrill to be able to bring so much incredible art to auction so that collectors can have the opportunity to add a piece of history to their collections,” said ComicConnect co-founder Vincent Zurzolo. “Any opportunity to add a cover to a collection is exciting, and we’ve got some really great ones available.”


Headlining our selection of interior pages is a stunning page from the groundbreaking X-Men #94 by Dave Cockrum featuring the original X-Men dealing with the aftermath of confronting Professor X about leaving the reconfigured team, with Cyclops being the lone holdout, while Wolverine, characteristically, is having none of their nonsense. There’s also a great trio of Bronze Age Marvel splash pages, including the title page to Marvel Premiere #9, Frank Brunner’s second issue as penciler on Dr. Strange, and two great John Buscema splashes, one from Thor #249 and one from Conan #49. In addition, there are great pages from Conan #16 by Barry Smith, Fantastic Four #262 and Avengers West Coast #52 (featuring the Scarlet Witch) by John Byrne, a stellar double page spread from Astonishing X-Men #1 by fan-favorite Joe Madureira, a page from Avengers #28 by Don Heck, Captain America #125 by Gene Colan, a double page spread from Action Comics #401 by Curt Swan and Murphy Anderson, and a page from G.I. Joe #22 featuring the first appearances of Duke and Roadblock by Mike Vosburg. There’s also a nice assortment of artwork from The Walking Dead, including pages by Charlie Adlard and Stefano Gaudiano as well as a couple of cool production drawings from the television show by John Watkiss.

“Bronze Age through Modern Age artwork has skyrocketed over the last year or so with no sign of slowing down,” added Zurzolo. “The investment potential in these pieces is through the roof.”

On top of all of that there’s also a stellar recreation of the pin-up of Dr. Strange, Clea, and the Ancient One from Marvel Treasury Edition #6 by Frank Brunner, the glorious introductory pin-up from the Official Marvel Index to the Avengers #2 by Mark Texeira, a great pin-up style page from Power Man and Iron Fist #100 by Ernie Chan and Mike (Hellboy) Mignola. Also of note is a complete week of rare Jack Webb’s Dragnet comic strips from May 3rd – 7th 1954 by Mel Keefer.

There’s so much more art available in this Event Auction, make sure to check out the whole selection, as there’s offerings for collectors of all genres and budgets.

Click here to view all the art up for auction! Original Art Auction lots end Monday, April 12th, 2021.

The auction end-dates are as follows:

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