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Event Auction Highlights: High-Grade EC Comics

Comic collectors have known about the important role EC aka Entertaining Comics, has played in the fascinating and complex history of the industry. From their beginnings as an educational comic publisher to their groundbreaking work on exploitation titles in the 1950s that would help spark anti-comic witch hunts and the formation of the Comics Code Authority censorship body, and finally the cultural impact of their MAD Magazine, EC has been, in one way or another, one of the more important imprints in the business for decades. Not as all-powerful or dominant as Marvel or DC, this scrappy publishing house has nonetheless, left an important and indelible mark on the story of the American comic book.  

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ComicConnect is proud to have an incredible selection of EC books in our current Event Auction, ridiculously high-grade copies of MAD, Haunt of Fear, Weird Fantasy, and many other treats like the incredibly rare Weird Science-Fantasy Annual #1. Most of these copies are highest graded or close to the top of the census. EC’s classic output not only has a devoted fan base, and a constant upwards trend in value, but these books are also the crème-de-la-cool of the hobby. Make all your fellow collectors green with envy when you show off these fantabulous, fun, and fiendish funny books.  


EC Comics are quite possibly the first “cult” comics to become a target of serious collectors, the scandalous horror covers, and the importance of MAD to popular culture appealed to a certain kind of comic fan who is looking for something a bit off the beaten path, but with investment potential as well as street credibility. In an Event Auction bursting at the seams with amazing, high-grade books, and desirable keys, these pristine EC issues still stand out of the crowd.  


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