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Gold, the precious metal, recently eclipsed the $2,000 per-ounce mark for the first time, marking a 30% increase since the start of 2020. The Golden Age of Comics reflects comparable demand as copies of first appearances and classic covers are the most sought after and fought over in the marketplace. Investment collectors trust ComicConnect to help them build world-class portfolios and our Event Auction XLIII is replete with worthy additions of Golden Age comics.


With momentous highest-graded debuts, an enticing selection of pre-Robin Detectives, and monstrous monster covers, investors are going after Action Comics #6 CGC 6.0, Action Comics #23 CGC 5.5, All American Comics #61 CGC 7.0, All Star Comics #8 CGC 9.4, Black Cat Mystery #50 CGC 8.5, Detective Comics #29 CGC 1.5, Detective Comics #35 CGC 3.0, Detective Comics #66 CGC 7.0, Detective Comics #69 CGC 4.0, Detective Comics #168 CGC 5.0, Fantastic Comics #3 CBCS 9.2 R, Flash Comics #86 CGC 7.0, More Fun Comics #73 CGC 5.5, Sensation Comics #1 CGC 9.6, Startling Comics #49 CGC 8.5, Superman #1 CBCS 1.5, Superman #3 CGC 8.5, Wonder Woman #6 CGC 9.4, and Wonderworld Comics #3 CGC 9.4.

Bidding is underway. Don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance in building your collection during this boom-time as there’s plenty of growth to come in the vintage comics market.



Bid Now! Auction ends week of August 24-28th!
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The auction end-dates are as follows:

“ComicConnect wants your consignments for the next Event Auction and is able to offer generous cash advances up to $5 million for top-notch comics and collections,” explained Rob Reynolds, Director of Consignments. Call him toll-free at 1-888-779-7377 and by e-mail at support@comicconnect.com.  Auction slots are first come, first serve, so consign today!