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Firsts and First Appearances: The DC Premiere Collection

When determining his retirement plan, the consignor of the DC Premiere Collection understood that an investment comic portfolio was the safest place to allocate his funds. Vintage comics have proven to be a bullish, steady force for investors the world over. Many of the books in the DC Premiere Collection are the most valuable and sought-after in the hobby, valued at multiples of his initial purchase prices.


“From an investment perspective, many books containing DC-owned characters’ first appearances were rare and in high enough demand to ensure strong returns in the future,” the consignor explained. “They were also undervalued, and this would give me a great advantage.”

Using several of DC’s prominent storylines as a roadmap, he acquired an impressive spread of first appearances that feature some of the biggest names in the business, plus an array of cult favorites from the Golden to the Modern Age. 

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Investors can look for Action Comics #6 CGC 6.0 (1st Jimmy Olsen), Action Comics #23 CGC 5.5 (1st Lex Luthor), Adventure Comics #210 CGC 7.5 (1st Krypto), All American Comics #61 CGC 7.0 (1st Solomon Grundy), Detective Comics #66 CGC 7.0 (1st Two-Face), Detective Comics #140 CGC 6.5 (1st Riddler), Flash Comics #86 CGC 7.0 (1st Black Canary), More Fun Comics #52 CGC 1.0 (1st Spectre), More Fun Comics #55 CCGC 6.0 (1st Dr. Fate), More Fun Comics #73 CGC 5.5 (1st Aquaman and Green Arrow), Police Comics #1 CGC 5.5 (1st Plastic Man), and Wonder Woman #6 CGC 9.4 (1st Cheetah) Double Cover.

“This journey took me to many a comic book convention, obscure website, and even the dark storage rooms of both operating and defunct comicbook stores,” he expanded. “Some of my absolute best books came from Metropolis Collectibles and ComicConnect where I obtained comics that were extremely hard to find anywhere else.” 


Every comic in the collection contains either a significant first event or the first appearance of a major or minor character. We proudly present the DC Premiere Collection to our customers. There’s plenty to choose from so bid early and bid often in our second Event Auction of 2020!


Bid Now! Auction ends week of August 24-28th!

Click here to view the entirety of the DC Premiere Collection
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The auction end-dates are as follows:

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